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19-Pin, Mil-C-26482 Feedthrough

Accu-Glass Products 19-Pin circular instrumentation feedthroughs are constructed with a pin arrangement per Mil-C-26482 specification. Nineteen gold-plated pins are arranged in a straight through pin-to-pin design, hermetically sealed and electrically insulated into a stainless steel shell (19 pin feedthrough) using the latest in glass-ceramic bonding technology.

Mil-C-26482 feedthroughs and cable assemblies are sold individually or as complete kits, wherein each kit contains a 19 pin feedthrough and both vacuum and air side cable assemblies. Vacuum compatible cable assemblies are fitted with PEEK (polyether-etherketone) polymer connectors and Kapton® insulated ribbon cable to meet the demands of ultrahigh vacuum environments. Vacuum connector includes a captured stainless steel socket head screw that securely locks it to a mating feedthrough. Captured in-vacuum screws are vented where required and the feedthrough’s screw-boss also doubles as a polarizing key. Feedthrough’s air-to-vacuum pin position is identified with a permanent surface mark to aid pin assignment. Air-service cable assemblies have standard bayonet type Mil-C-26482 circular connectors.

Custom in-vacuum and/or air-service cable assemblies are available on request.

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19 Pin (Mil-C-26482)

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