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High Power Ceramic Feedthroughs

  Accu-Glass Products' High Power hermetic ceramic feedthroughs are available in four power ratings up to 30,000 volts and 150 amp. 
The maximum standard ratings are: 
  •   5 kVDC 30AMP
  • 10 kVDC 30AMP
  • 20 kVDC 30AMP
  • 20 kVDC 150AMP 'Fluted Ceramic'
  All four versions are offered on Conflat compatible CF metal seal and ISO-KF elastomer seal flanges.
High purity Alumina ceramic insulators (ceramic feedthrough) provide electrical isolation and copper conductors provide maximum current capacity.  The high purity Alumina ceramic is bonded and sealed to low expansion metals in a vacuum furnace environment using precious and semi-precious high temperature vacuum tube grade braze alloys.

High Power -- 5kV, 10kV, 20kV to 150 AMPs

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