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Torr Seal
Torr Seal 

Torr Seal Low Vapor Pressure Resin Epoxy/Sealant

Torr Seal epoxy resin quickly seals leaks on any type of vacuum system or component. Provided in convenient tubes, Torr Seal is solvent free and can be used at pressures of 10-9 Torr (mbar) and below, at temperatures from -45° C to 120° C (bakeable temperature). Additionally, Torr Seal permits leak checking immediately after curing and bonds with many materials including metal, ceramic, and glass.

Torr Seal is supplied in 1.2 oz. Hardener and 2.8 oz. Resin

Part Number 110516
Stock Level In Stock
Weight 0.50 lbs
Price: $87.00


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Model Number VGL-TORR
MSDS (SDS) Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS 110516 Torr-Seal, Safety Data Sheet
Max. Bake Temperature 120ēC
Max. Operating Temperature 120ēC
Min. Operating Temperature -45ēC
Max. Vacuum Level 1x10-9 Torr

Torr Seal Removal

We get many calls about how to remove Torr seal from various items. Torr seal was not developed to be removed. It cures hard and maintains its shape and strength under most conditions. With patience, one can remove Torr seal from many surfaces.

Brute force Torr Seal removal

Most websites will instruct to use a screwdriver and a hammer to break the Torr Seal from the surface of the item it is bound too. This method does work for some, but leaves the remaining surface with many scratches and dents.

Softer touch Torr Seal removal

Torr Seal does get slightly softer with heat (like a very hard rubber). One can pound a soldering iron tip into a knife edge. Let the iron heat up and "cut" the Torr Seal from the surface. You will need multiple soldering iron tips as these will break down over use.

Not perfect but we hope this information helps! Remember, Torr Seal was not developed to be able to remove it once used! Use these methods at your own risk.

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